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Those suffering today, need a better solution – today

Naltrexone, the medication which is the nucleus of the Over the Influence program, has been approved for treating opioid addiction since 1984 and for alcohol addiction since 1994.1

While naltrexone implants, similar to the one used in the Over the Influence program are going through the FDA approval process, several clinical studies on naltrexone implants worldwide have shown very positive results (see cited studies below). With opioid addiction, the implant has demonstrated superior results compared to oral naltrexone and placebo: Patients had a significant reduction in opioid use, opioid-related hospitalizations, self-reported cravings and overdose up to a year post treatment.

Naltrexone has been FDA approved for the treatment of alcohol for nearly 25 years. Its efficacy is well-established. Tens of thousands of patients have been treated worldwide with naltrexone implants and many have reported dramatic and lasting elimination of alcohol cravings and successful long-term sobriety.

Evidence of efficacy – clinical research on Naltrexone:

1Oral form of naltrexone was FDA approved in these years.